Roof and Chimney Inspections

See for yourself the parts of your property impossible to see from the ground,

Roof, Chimney & High Level Inspections by Drone, The safe and economical way to check the parts of your property it is difficult to see.

Drone Roof Inspections


Assessing the state or repair or degree of damage to a roof, be it on a domestic property, a church roof or a large flat factory roof can be an often dangerous and always costly procedure.

With the use of drones the task becomes far easier and often more thorough than before.

Using this method of roof inspection not only allows you to discover any damage and/or work required to a roof but you will have a first hand record of what the problems are than having to rely on a report from a tradesman who has viewed your property with a ladder or by using costly scaffolding.



Chimney Inspections


Chimneys are generally the highest point on a building and it is usually impossible to inspect their condition without human access.

Binoculars generally are not a solution as from the ground it is impossible to see the state of the capping and where the pots are embedded to the top of the chimney.

Faulty flashing around a chimney very often the cause of a leaking roof and again it’s condition is hard to inspect from the ground.